Moprilab, SL was founded in the year 2000, as a food analysis laboratory

Triángulo amarillo

Moprilab, the company

Our more than 20 years of experience support us in our work of agri-food analysis, diagnosis and advice, adapting to the needs of our clients.

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MOPRILAB, is not part of any higher organizational structure, so the operation of the laboratory guarantees its impartiality, independence and integrity.

All personnel involved in the analysis processes followed in MOPRILAB signs a declaration on its independence of action.

Possible conflicts of interest between carrying out the tests included in the scope of accreditation and the rest of the activities carried out by the laboratory, such as advising farmers or other tests, have been analyzed, estimating that there is no conflict of interest between these activities. .


The workers of MOPRILAB, SL have signed a confidentiality agreement with the laboratory through which they undertake not to reveal any information related to the activities carried out in it.

In MOPRILAB All information used in the activities carried out by the laboratory is considered confidential, and in particular the results and information provided by clients.

In no case will it reveal or use any information obtained as a result of the activity carried out.


In order to respond to customer demand, MOPRILAB has made an effort since its creation to be up-to-date in research and fine-tuning of suitable procedures to meet the requirements of its customers.

In this context, the Directorate of MOPRILAB undertakes to:

In order to satisfy these objectives, MOPRILAB's Quality Policy adopts the commitment to apply the following decisions:

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